Assignment on Anal Fistula

What is Anal Fistula, its Symptoms and Common Problems?

The throbbing, intense pain, and swelling around the anus have plagued humankind for centuries. Doctors state that the complicated pathogenesis of fistula-in-ano, commonly known as the anal fistula, can worsen with time if it is not properly treated. The patient may experience severe pain during sitting, moving around. It can become life-threatening in the long term because the risk of cancer formation increases in long-standing fistulas.

Till now, there is no satisfactory treatment for this complex health issue. The symptoms commonly observed among anal fistula patients are pus discharge, pain if there is an accumulation of pus, non-healing wound, a hole around the anus that never closes or open up episodically, soreness, itching of the skin around the anal opening, and redness. Further, the best doctor for fistula treatment in India opines that anal fistula may also develop when a fissure is not properly treated and deepens to re-form anal fistula.

What is Anal Fistula and the Formation of the Abscess?

You have landed on the right page to know the details about the complex anal fistula. The anal canal remains in the end portion of the intestinal tract comprising the anus and the rectum.
But how does anal fistula develop in a human body? Yes, it often starts developing from the anal gland present in the lower border of the anus. The anal gland can get infected to form a pus-filled swelling called an abscess.
However, the threats of this health disorder can result in several outcomes of which the persistent wetness of the region around the anal canal is most common. It causes significant morbidity among patients because discharge from opening around the anus occurs, followed by fever, chills, and bleeding around the area.

Recommended Modern Fistula Treatments:

Well, the protection of the anal function should be weighed comprehensively, and it is necessary to know which treatment is best for fistula.

With the advent of relatively effective therapies, radiologists need to provide precise radiologic information to surgeons about the location of the fistulous tract and the affected pelvic structures.

Major Symptoms of Anal Fistula:

Before heading to the next section of the informative guide, let’s check the symptoms of fistula increasing the suffering of patients. If you notice the signs of episodic pus discharge around the anus, you may be suffering from an anal fistula. Next, the patient may feel the swelling around the anus followed by the pain near the rectum. The fistula drainage or the foul-smelling drainage decreases the pain near the rectum.

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How to Overcome the Risks of the Dreaded Fistula?

The risk of repetitive occurrences of symptoms in the same area every few weeks leads to cumbersome situations. But the best fistula treatment in India is followed where the medical updates mostly fall within the combined techniques and the innovative technologies.

Thereby, the innovative technology responsible for healing the complex anal fistula decreases the incidence of recurrence and lowers the side effect such as fecal incontinence. Nonetheless, the best probable diagnosis is to opt for MRI imaging because it allows proper identification of the fistulas track and formation of the secondary abscesses.

Ensure Proper Diagnosis of the Anal FistulaEnsure Proper Diagnosis of the Anal Fistula

No simple technique is possible to ensure effective treatment, but a proper diagnosis of the anal fistula can do wonders. With a preliminary diagnosis, the medical expert will look for the fistula tract on the skin. Next, they are likely to consider a few more steps, such as determining the depth of the rectal tract, and the amount of drainage that may result from the affected area.

It leads to an insightful diagnosis where doctors recommend performing some additional tests. Indeed, with the particular procedure of the anoscopy, it is possible to observe the inside of the rectum and the anus. If they feel the need to view the visual tract better, they will prefer to do an ultrasound around the anal area.

Further, some experts start examining in the operation room by conducting a process called exam under anesthesia.

After completing the findings of a fistula, physicians want to conduct a few more tests such as X-rays, blood tests, and sigmoidoscopy/ colonoscopy (if some problem is anticipated higher up in the colon).

Postoperative Diagnosis Solutions

After completing the diagnosis, you need to search for a proper healthcare provider to assist you with the best fistula suggestions. Here, the best hospital for fistula treatment in India allows patients to avail the best treatment practices. You need to consult with your medical expert if you come across any of the anal fistula symptoms, such as

  • Episodic pus discharge from a boil around the anus
  • Pain while passing stools
  • Painful swelling around the anus
  • Big swelling around the anus along with severe pain, chills and fever

Research opines that surgery is necessary to heal the complexities of anal fistula.

What is the best laser treatment for fistula in India?

Laser treatment of anal fistula is the latest addition to the armamentarium of fistula surgeons. Laser is an excellent instrument/ modality to ablate (burn) the fistula tract with precision. However, it is important to understand that like all other methods, the success rate of healing fistula and the chances of fistula getting cured depend more on the expertise of the surgeon performing the laser procedure than the laser machine itself. It is commonly seen that to attract patients, a lot of advertisement of laser machine is done. No doubt, that the laser as a method is good but far more important is the surgeon and the expert pair of ‘hands’ who are handling the laser machine. A novice can damage the sphincter muscle with any machine and can lead to incontinence (in which the patient loses control over his/her bowel motions). Therefore, along with the method used to treat fistula, always stress upon and carefully assess the experience and expertise of the operating surgeon.

In fistula surgery, Doctors suggest that the surgery is conducted to remove the fistula and protect the anal sphincter muscles from further damage.

There are several procedures or methods to treat anal fistula. But the best fistula treatment depends on the experience and expertise of the surgeon, and that is how Dr Pankaj Garg has received his international acclaim.

Conquer the Anal Fistula with Modern Treatments

The advent of new treatment leads to injecting stem cells into the fistula. No worries because your colorectal surgeon will discuss everything before the onset of surgery.

This laser treatment for fistula is conducted on an outpatient basis so that patients can return to their homes on the same day. On the other hand, patients having deep fistula tunnels may have to stay in the hospital for a short period. If needed, some fistulas require several operations to cure the fistula complexities.

Summing Up

If you notice any of the symptoms such as redness, soreness around the anal opening, then you may sense that the dreaded disease of the anal fistula is risking your life. To avoid the high recurrence rate of the disease, patients need to consult with proficient colorectal surgeons. However, depending on the complexity of the fistula, specialists experiment with five to six types of anal fistula.


Those undergoing the troubles of anal fistula should consult a proficient colorectal surgeon named the eminent Dr Pankaj Garg. He is recommended as the best doctor globally for the particular treatment because of his twenty-seven innovations of published new procedures in top global medical journals.

He is well known for his leading publications on the anal fistula. Moreover, patients prefer to consult Dr Pankaj for fistula problems because he has invented five new procedures in treating complex anal fistula successfully with little or no pain. Therefore, he is the ideal consultant to release the stress of treating fistula fatalities of affected individuals.

If patients start experiencing throbbing pain while sitting down and moving around, they should seek advanced medical treatment such as visiting doctors promptly. To heal the complexities of anal fistula, it is advisable to consult an expert fistula doctor such as the renowned Dr Pankaj Garg.

He can assist you with innovative medical technologies. They can diagnose the symptoms and refer to practical solutions.

As we know, the anal fistula is itself a complicated issue, and it needs weighed protection. So eminent experts such as Dr Pankaj Garg can guide patients suffering from painful conditions. Surgical operations may lead to complications like bowel incontinence, infection, and recurrence of the fistula.

The symptoms which occur shortly after conventional fistula operations are: discharge from the fistulotomy site, urinary retention, and fecal impaction. There may occur some complications such as delayed wound healing and anal stenosis in the delayed postoperative period.

An anal fistula is a troublesome condition that a person experiences. Though there is no simple way to heal the complexity of the fistula, current minimally invasive methods like laser treatment is a permanent cure. The best aspect is that you can experience a lasting solution in a procedure that lasts less than an hour. To decrease pains in Anal Fistula, people need to increase the intake of many liquids followed by a healthy fibre diet.

Treating the infected tunnel between the anus and the perennial skin needs to be done effectively. So, colorectal specialists such as Dr Pankaj Garg opines to maintain hygiene in washrooms, and unhygienic conditions can escalate the complexity of the disease.